Can retailers still capitalise on Halloween amid Covid-19?

With Halloween approaching, retailers can leverage seasonal shifts to great effect with the right e-commerce solution, according to digital growth agency, Grofuse.

As consumer habits change due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are questions as to how retailers should make the most of Halloween this year. The most recent data from Statista found that the UK spent £419 million on Halloween products in 2018.

Grofuse digital director, Denis Finnegan, said: “Seasonal shifts are incredibly important for retailers as they provide benchmarks to measure sales. Every season is important but as footfall has dropped significantly, retailers are scrambling to navigate demand and seek alternative solutions to maintain levels of sales experienced in previous years.”

Mercury Order, an online ordering software as a service (SaaS) developed by Grofuse, is experiencing a high number of enquiries and sign-ups due to the significant shift in consumer behaviour.

Many retailers are disregarding Halloween to focus on Christmas sales amid the current circumstances. However, the distinct season means that analysts are using it as a key benchmark to gauge the performance of brick and mortar and online sales, in unprecedented times.

Will retailers be able to capitalise on Halloween this year, despite lockdown restrictions across the UK and Ireland?

Sales will ultimately be reduced by the lack of social interaction in what is usually a very social event. However, retailers are turning to technology in order to capitalise on Halloween and upcoming significant events for the retail calendar.

Mr Finnegan explains: “Covid-19 has been the catalyst for an explosion in eCommerce. Retailers can move their efforts online to see success during Halloween this year – to recoup the inevitable reduction in sales due to restrictions. “This will also provide retailers with important indications regarding how to prepare and accommodate customers as the festive season approaches.” Mr Finnegan added.

Adopting click and collect and delivery services is a trend that has been massively accelerated over the past number of months. Traditional retailers such as Morrisons and Lidl have shifted in to an online offering, allowing them to expand their product range and customer base.

It is not too late for retailers to implement online ordering for significant events such as Halloween. Mercury Order offers a free, same day set up for retailers to adapt to a transformed retail landscape. Find out more info here: