How Covid-19 is changing the way we shop

Our consumer habits will be forever changed by Covid-19.

Given the uncertain times ahead, it is important to adapt technology to ensure local retailers can continue to trade safely and provide essential service to their customers and community.
Prior to the current crisis E-commerce was already growing at an unprecedented rate. A study in January 2020 projected online sales to double by 2023. Covid-19 has significantly sped up this process.
With the considerable change in consumer purchasing behaviours, now would seem like a good opportunity for local enterprises to capture their local markets.
Mercury Order Retail, a click and collect and delivery software service developed by Grofuse, allows local retailers to take back trade and increase their bottom lines while protecting their frontline staff and their customers who can shop in the comfort and safety of their home.

The benefits of click and collect:

  • Promote social responsibility amid Covid-19 crisis.
  • Fast and easy online ordering.
  • Reduce exposure, protect frontline staff and customers.
  • Buying online gives customers the gift of time.
  • Small retailers earn while they sleep as customers order online.
  • Major impacts of changed buyer behavior
  • Leveraging technology

While millions are working from home and digital connectivity is taking even more of a hold on everyday habits, consumers will have greater motivations to actively seek technology-enabled solutions to assist in everyday tasks like shopping.
Companies that can leverage technologies – by meeting changing consumer demands online, can enable direct-to consumer online offerings. Business owners will also have the opportunity to earn consumer loyalty after consumers’ current concerns ease.

Transparency about local origins

More than ever, shoppers want to understand the supply chain with complete transparency and be sure that measures being taken to assure their safety. Shopping local mitigates many consumer concerns.
A survey on disloyalty last year found that global consumers reported being heavily influenced by origin: 54% “mostly” bought local products. This gives local independent retailers with a click and collect or delivery service an advantage against retail giants.

Emerging trends

Consumer behavior markets can observe China for indicators of purchase trends after the peak in cases. Retailers are upgrading their services and leveraging e-commerce to meet consumers’ newly emerging needs. Ireland and the UK are currently in the restricted living stage with increased online shopping and a decline in shop visits. In due course, they will reach China’s current buyer stage.
Long-time purchasing habits may be permanently changed. Some retailers will be adversely affected, but those who are able to adapt quickly to online services will come out ahead will change the retail landscape to place a greater focus on shopping local.
Unfortunately, self-isolation and social distancing guidelines may continue much longer than currently stated for those at risk. This is why it is crucial to implement an online ordering structure for the long-term – Mercury Order Retail is essential in tough times and convenient for all times.