The rise in contactless consumerism

The inflation of contactless purchases suggests a growing consumer appetite for ease and convenience of digital shopping.

Contactless retail has enabled omni-channel retailers the ability to provide shoppers with immediate order fulfillment, at a distance, either via pick-up or doorstep delivery.

In March, click and collect features saw an increase 35% week-on-week, as retailers and shoppers adapted quickly to social distancing measures.

ecommerce shopping online

Key drivers for contactless consumerism:

  • Contact-free delivery options or click and collect have become the retail industry’s solution to social distancing. It is an option that should be incorporated by all retailers to meet changed customer expectations.
  • The accessibility of E-commerce stores and their 24-hour availability, combined with the ease of making electronic payments.
  • In order to avoid exposure to the deadly virus, consumers prefer the convenience and safety of shopping from home.
  • As the digital world is rapidly becoming more integrated into the retail environment, retailers are future proofing their businesses to remain competitive, and one component of this is embracing E-commerce.
  • Online shopping and cashless electronic payments are booming, particularly in a time when reduced physical contact with people and places is encouraged.

The opportunities that selling online provide are extremely beneficial from a business strategy perspective. Internet accessibility is at the heart of every stage of the shopping journey, from finding a product online to comparing prices, and ultimately making the final purchase.

During this time, it’s essential to remain committed to digital. It’s clear that digital commerce will drive future revenues – it was a growing trend before Covid-19, and the virus has only accelerated the process as the strain on brick-and-mortar grows.