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Why Your Butcher Shop Should Offer Online Ordering

When you’re in the meat business, adaptation is the key to staying ahead. Butcher shops, deeply rooted in local communities, now have an exceptional chance to modernise and flourish by integrating online ordering systems. As technology continues to shape consumer behaviours, your butcher shop can leverage this trend by offering online ordering services. In this article, we'll delve into the ...

Why Your Butcher Shop Should Offer Online Ordering2023-09-20T10:57:37+00:00

How E-Commerce Can Change the Future of Your Butcher Shop

In an era defined by digital transformation, businesses must adapt to seize new opportunities. As a business owner in the meat industry, having an online ordering system for your business can offer numerous advantages over relying solely on a website. This article explores the transformative power of e-commerce for your butcher shop and introduces Mercury Order, a tailor-made online ordering ...

How E-Commerce Can Change the Future of Your Butcher Shop2023-09-20T10:37:12+00:00

The Perfect Partnership: Uniting Social Media and Online Ordering

It's no secret that digital marketing and social platforms have become a lifeline for small businesses looking to connect with customers and establish their brand. But here's the twist: it has also revolutionised the way we explore and conquer the culinary world. Over the past few years, social media has revolutionised consumers' culinary adventures, igniting a newfound sense of confidence ...

The Perfect Partnership: Uniting Social Media and Online Ordering2023-07-07T11:19:06+00:00

Get Ready for Barbecue Season with Meat Delivery

As barbecue season approaches, it's time to get ready to impress your customers in style! With the sun shining brightly and the scent of grilled food filling the air, it's the perfect opportunity to embrace the sizzling season and cater to your customers' cravings with an exceptional selection of meats. Whether they're seeking juicy burgers, flavourful ribeye, succulent chicken breasts, ...

Get Ready for Barbecue Season with Meat Delivery2023-07-05T15:12:20+00:00

Bringing the Butcher to Your Doorstep

In the UK and Ireland, the retail landscape has witnessed a transformation as big box stores replaced smaller, independent businesses in cities and towns. While the convenience and affordability offered by big chains cannot be denied, something valuable was lost in this shift - the depth of knowledge and expertise that local artisans and merchants brought to their communities. However, ...

Bringing the Butcher to Your Doorstep2023-07-04T13:15:10+00:00

How retailers can help flatten the curve

As efforts to stop the spread of Covid-19 escalate around the world, attention has turned to how individuals and communities can protect one another. By flattening out the epidemic curve, this reduces the surge of cases at any one time, to prevent overwhelming the healthcare system. Independent retailers such as convenience stores, butchers, grocers and pharmacies are in the front ...

How retailers can help flatten the curve2020-06-11T17:25:49+00:00

Wholesale goes retail, the surge of ‘dark stores’

Food wholesalers are pivoting to direct-to-consumer retail in the coronavirus crisis and this is seeing a surge in the number of ‘dark stores’. Food wholesalers in particular are taking this path to help safeguard their futures amid the dramatic decline in sales given the sudden shutdown of the hospitality industry. As more and more customers turn to online grocery shopping and delivery due to the Covid-19 ...

Wholesale goes retail, the surge of ‘dark stores’2020-06-11T17:13:00+00:00

Mercury Order makes ‘shop local’ digital amid Covid-19

Home delivery platform free to retailers to help protect staff and shoppers Irish technology company Grofuse is offering free online shopping software to retailers to help safeguard the health of customers, staff and businesses during the Covid-19 crisis. Mercury Order Retail was created by the Derry-based digital growth agency in an effort to promote social distancing and throw a lifeline ...

Mercury Order makes ‘shop local’ digital amid Covid-192020-06-11T17:08:13+00:00

Retail in a forever changed consumer landscape

A radical shift in buyer behaviours due to Covid-19 will see a forever changed consumer landscape.  As of May, 2020, approximately 62% of UK shoppers said that due to the coronavirus outbreak, they reduced shopping in physical stores.  These shoppers turned to technology to adapt their shopping method in a socially distanced world, bridging the gap between the physical and ...

Retail in a forever changed consumer landscape2020-06-11T17:26:05+00:00

Video: watch our retail demo

Watch the demo video of our online ordering system for retailers. You will see how to navigate our lightning-fast and super easy to use software for you, and your customers. Sign-up today for 3 months FREE and receive a complimentary social media marketing pack. Find out more here: https://mercuryorder.com/retail/ ...

Video: watch our retail demo2020-06-26T11:28:56+00:00
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